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A Letter To The Youth

A Letter To The Youth


Concerned patriots
Dominica Empowered Youth Group

Date: July 31st, 2017


The Future Of The Nature Isle

Subject: Call To Create A Brighter Future

To Whom It May Concern,

We, The Core Members of the D.E.Y Movement, welcome you with open arms. To whomever this may reach, We begin by asking you this; What do you see or expect in the future? For both yourself as an individual and for your country as a whole? What do you see? It is often said that the future belongs to the youth, what is not said however is that the quality of that future is directly dependent on the preparations made in the present; Therefore We, the D.E.Y,  urge you to seriously consider what it is you want the future to hold for you, a future strongly determined by what you do today. Then, We ask you to take a second to consider what it is you are reading and what it is you can take part in. Consider what you as an individual would like to see happen in the future not only for yourself, but for your country as a whole.

This is a place – a group, a medium, a platform – in which your views will be heard and will be respected. This is a forum primarily for the youth, created and managed by the youth.
This is the Dominica Empowered Youth Movement. A place for you, the future of Dominica, to come together and unanimously voice your concerns to the people of the nature island in which we all reside. We are giving the future leaders of our country a chance to voice their opinions and views in a society where very few are heard or acknowledged. We are giving the youth, the soft spoken but intensely brilliant young minds of the future, a chance to raise their voices in unison to create opportunities and develop ideas that will carry our people into the future. We are not instigators, we are not those who seek violence. We are not those who discriminate. We are not calling for segregation or anything of the sort. We are the current patriots, future inventors, future businessmen/businesswomen, ministers, theologist, doctors and so on. We are those who seek to assist in cultivating the young minds of today to become the educated and able leaders of tomorrow. We are those who, in one way or another, seek to lay down the path to a brighter future in Dominica.



Dominica Empowered Youth Movement Team




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